Centric has invested in three Link Engineering brake dynamometers to perform in-house testing of brake components and systems. These dynos recreate the life cycle of a product in a fraction of the time while generating real-time data regarding performance, reliability and durability.

Centric-StopTech Dynamometer Capabilities

Data obtained from the dyno testing is captured and analyzed. Centric can perform test cycles that simulate the entire life cycle of a product or duplicate a track lap or entire race. Centric is alone in testing products at up to 220 mph for racing applications. Such extreme testing from the performance division provides a transfer of technology to even Centric's even less performance-oriented products.

Multiple recording devices feed a constant stream of data from the dynos, helping Centric engineers analyze competitive products as well as Centric Parts components. no other brake company performs this level of in-house testing.


Complete brake systems are mounted and run through repeated stops under extreme conditions while sensors monitor brake rotor, caliper and pad temperatures throughout the testing process.

Brake components and systems are tested under normal use conditions to ensure correct function and performance as well as to measure service life and product specific attributes like noise abatement.


Through the course of the testing process, brake system components are frequently pushed to the limits to guarantee they meet or exceed established performance standards. Centric is alone in the level of testing it performs to guarantee proper function of brake components and systems, and to constantly raise the bar in the industry.  
In addition to Centric's vast array of in-house testing capabilities, our engineers test using on-vehicle data acquisition equipment.
GPS sensors are attached to each test vehicle to record speed and position data, and a brake pedal trigger is installed to instantly alert the aquisition software to each braking event. These sensors are shown here on a police pursuit vehicle during testing of Centric Fleet Performance brake components.  
After each test run, brake temperature readings are taken and recorded for analysis. OMEGA High Temp Thermocouples are used because the typical infrared temperature guns are unable to deal with infrared radiation (IR) given off by the brake rotor and can therefore be inaccurate.


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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric Parts offers a complete line of wheel hubs, bearings and seals.

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