Centric Parts has gone to great lengths to maintain its advantage over the competition by utilizing the latest machinery, processes and our custom built testing equipment. Centric Parts is the industry leader in remanufactured brake calipers.

After each caliper core is inspected and identified, it is disassembled. All rubber seals, boots and hardware are discarded. Each reusable component is inspected, cleaned and refinished to ensure maximum life.
Parts are then tumble blasted with steel shot to further clean any rust or scale left on the calipers. Parts leave the shot blaster as clean as a new part from the foundry. 
After shot blasting, all calipers are treated with an anti-corrosion finish. This aqueous based solution prevents rust and preserves shelf life.
Each caliper is thoroughly inspected before being sent for reassembly.  
Every threaded port or bleeder hole has the threads chased to eliminate cross threading during installation. This process also ensures leak free performance for the life of the caliper.  
All bores are brushed and  cleaned to ensure proper fitment and performance of the new boot and seal.
The piston, boot and seal are installed using appropriate lubricant and is done  according to original manufacturing specifications.
After assembly EVERY CALIPER is tested on Centric’s custom designed pressure tester. No caliper gets packaged without first getting the green light from our testing equipment. This ensures that Centric Calipers will work to original specifications right out of the box.
After receiving the green light from our testing equipment all caliper identities are confirmed. Then they are boxed, labeled and shipped
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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .



Centric Parts announces the availability of the 2017 Brake Systems Catalog (2010-2017) Including wheel bearings, hubs and seals. 

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New Tactical Police Duty Brake Pads by StopTech

AMECA Approved Pads Designed Specifically for Extreme Duty Use


(Industry, Calif. - July 19, 2017) - Centric Parts has today released the latest addition to its award-winning range of brake friction – TACTICAL Police Duty Brake Pads by StopTech with proprietary Mu500 Chemically Enhanced Friction Performance and Silent On Arrival™ noise abatement technology. These AMECA-approved brake pads have been specially engineered to provide superior and silent braking performance under the most extreme driving conditions experienced by officers in pursuit and patrol situations.

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