Centric Parts Introduces New Line of C-Tek Ceramic Pads


(Industry, Calif. – March 20, 2013) - Centric Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and clutch components and systems, is pleased to announce the availability of a new line of C-Tek Ceramic Brake Pads. Like many of the premium Centric friction lines, C-Tek Ceramic Pads (103-Series) are positive molded, scorched and shimmed for optimal performance over the life of the product.


Centric has also taken this opportunity to update the entire C-Tek Semi-Met program to include shims where applicable. This updated C-Tek Brake Pad line is also debuting all-new packaging for the range, which reflects the shim and formula changes.

C-TEK Ceramic Brake Friction (103-Series)

C-Tek Ceramic brake pads offer exceptional
service life and produce minimal dust.

•Low dust.
•Shimmed to eliminate noise and vibration.
•Scorched for improved bed-in.
•Formulated for reduced noise.
•Advanced Ceramic compounds.
•100% Asbestos free.

C-TEK Metallic Brake Friction (102-Series)
C-Tek Metallic brake pads offer excellent pad
and rotor life while producing minimal brake dust. 

•Low dust.
•Shimmed to eliminate noise and vibration.
•Formulated for reduced noise.
•Semi-Metallic compounds.
•100% Asbestos and Copper free formulas.
For more information on Centric Parts or their full line of brake and clutch components and systems, visit www.centricparts.com or call 800-758-3004.
About Centric Parts®
Centric Parts® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for cars, work duty vehicles and performance vehicles under the Centric, StopTech® and PosiQuiet® brands among others. Centric continually innovates significant improvements to brake technology for the street and track, having earned four patents along the way. The company was founded in 2000 in Southern California and has enjoyed solid growth every year since. Originally focusing on replacement parts for everyday use, Centric parts has aggressively expanded into the performance market by acquiring StopTech in 2006 and Power Slot in 2007. Today the company operates multiple warehouse and manufacturing facilities totaling over half-a-million square feet and employing over 500 workers.


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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .



Centric Parts announces the availability of the 2017 Brake Systems Catalog (2010-2017) Including wheel bearings, hubs and seals. 

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