LOS ANGELES (June 2011) - Centric Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for import and domestic cars and trucks in all driving environments, has acquired an additional 25,000 Sq. Ft. of floor space in an effort to accommodate the company's continual growth. The Southern California company now has more than half a million square feet of combined floor space at its three locations.
The new space is adjacent to Centric's existing City of Industry facility, which handles customer service, shipping and receiving of finished goods. This expansion is just the latest for Centric Parts, which has continually grown over the eleven years since it was founded. Other Centric Parts facilities in Southern California are responsible for manufacturing, engineering and assembly duties for the full range of Centric, StopTech and Power Slot products.
"The additional space allows us to expand our offerings and introduce even more new applications," said Dan Lelchuk, President of Centric Parts.  "Our product line is constantly growing as we engineer and manufacture new items and introduce parts for an even wider range of vehicle applications. We now have more than 500,000 square feet of space between here [Industry], Carson and Compton, and we expect to continue this growth for the foreseeable future."
The expansion also enhances Centric Parts' motto. "Our philosophy from the start has been 'right part, right place, right time,' and having more space supports that," adds Lelchuk. "This philosophy is also supported by our dedication, research, development, engineering, cataloging, logistics, sales support, customer service, fill rate, knowledge, and commitment," he added.
Centric Parts (www.centricparts.com), which includes the StopTech (www.stoptech.com) and Power Slot (www.powerslot.com) divisions, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for everyday cars, performance duty vehicles and ultra performance vehicles. The Southern California company was founded in 2000 and now employs over 500 workers at its multiple warehouse and production facilities that total more than half a million square feet of floor space. The company's skilled and seasoned engineers and experts, and an award-winning executive team drawn from across the industry, fuel Centric Parts' mastery of the automotive aftermarket and its dedication to research and development. The patent-holding company also has one of the industry's best programs for tracking and cataloging original equipment parts and uses this expertise to devise and deliver quality aftermarket and OE parts for consumers, technicians and auto makers. 


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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric 125 Series High Carbon Brake Rotors contain an advanced metallurgy that improves brake pad performance and stopping power.

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