Los Angeles (November 2008) – Centric Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for everyday cars, performance duty vehicles and ultra performance vehicles, experienced a string of successes at SEMA and AAPEX 2008 in Las Vegas, bringing home a pair of Best Product awards, attracting a marked increase in booth traffic, and observing the company’s brakes on an increased number of project cars across the exhibit floors.
Centric Parts scored a pair of AIA Industry Awards at the association’s annual ceremony held at the Sands Convention Center. AIA recognizes parts manufacturers for excellence in products and marketing programs for import cars and trucks. Power Slot’s Power Alloy Brake Rotor was named “Best New Performance Product or Accessory” while Centric’s Cryo-Stop Brake Rotor earned the overall award for “Best New Product for Import Cars and Trucks.”
Power Slot’s Power Alloy Brake Rotor features a new metallurgy providing a higher operating temperature range. This enhances stopping ability and provides a superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress, even in severe duty situations. Centric’s Cryo-Stop Brake Rotor undergoes a cryogenic treatment, first being cooled to -300F degrees and then slowly returned to room temperature. The process permanently and dramatically affects the metal structure inhibiting internal oxidation and increasing thermal fatigue resistance. Both new products are signs of the innovation on tap for Centric Parts with Power Slot as its performance division and StopTech as its ultra-performance division.
StopTech is a leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of world class brake components and brake systems for production-based race cars and high performance vehicles on the street and track. Power Slot focuses on entry level brake upgrade solutions and pioneered direct fit performance rotors for trucks, SUVs and severe duty vehicles. With Centric Parts targeting the replacement brake market, the trio forms an all-encompassing entity in the aftermarket brake industry.
“Centric Parts is seeing ideas and designs freely flow between divisions,” said Dan Lelchuk, President of Centric Parts. “The overall synergy with StopTech and Power Slot allows Centric Parts on the whole to offer braking solutions for practically every production vehicle on the road and those that go on the track, for just about every driving situation and budget.”
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week went off strong with the Centric Parts booth at AAPEX sporting a full calendar of scheduled meetings before the doors even opened. Over at SEMA where Power Slot and StopTech cohabitated in the Performance & Racing section, the combined brands’ reputation, news of the awards, and the presence of the StopTech Mitsubishi Evo X featured repeatedly on Torque TV, generated strong traffic from the show’s early hours straight through the week. 
Outside of their booth, StopTech brakes were in evidence on more vehicles than ever across the shows. The Dodge Challenger that completed the brutal Newfoundland Targa, a production 2008 Dodge Viper ACR, a Honda Accord Concept from Galpin Auto Sports, and an ICON FJ40 were among the dozens of StopTech equipped vehicles on display on the exhibit floor.
Centric Parts (www.centricparts.comfocuses on entry level brake upgrade solutions and pioneered direct fit performance rotors for trucks, SUVs and severe duty vehicles. ) continually innovates improvements to brake technology for the street and track, delivering products that provide superior performance, quality and value. Centric Parts offerings include PosiQuiet premium Metallic, Ceramic and Extended Wear formulas, an OE product line, plus Axxis and C-TEK standard grade materials. StopTech (, Centric’s ultra performance division, is a leading innovator of world class brake components and systems for production-based racing cars and high performance vehicles on the street and track. Power Slot (, Centric’s performance division,
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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric 125 Series High Carbon Brake Rotors contain an advanced metallurgy that improves brake pad performance and stopping power.

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