Centric Parts celebrated its 15th Anniversary in 2015 with a new ad campaign and slogan that celebrates Centric’s comprehensive expertise and reputation for excellence: Centric Delivers, From Lab to Lift.

The multi-part ad campaign focuses on different aspects of Centric's commitment to innovation, quality and service: Proven, Quality, Comprehensive and Support.


Our in-house research and engineering professionals use extensive lab and field testing to continually analyze, test and refine our comprehensive range of brake and chassis components. Only proven materials and precise manufacturing processes are employed to ensure proper fit, function and performance for every product we supply.

With the most comprehensive Brake & Chassis coverage, the widest product selection and award-winning customer service and support, it’s easy to see why more technicians and parts outlets put their trust in the professionals at Centric Parts.


There’s a reason Centric Parts is the industry leader in aftermarket brake
and chassis components – from lab to lift we hold ourselves to a higher
standard. Centric Parts manufactures and supplies only the highest quality
parts using OE style design, premium materials and the most advanced
manufacturing processes.

Advanced optical inspections and custom-built testing equipment guarantee that every part meets the most stringent quality control requirements. Our strict standards and attention to detail have made Centric and its products consistent award winners – and clear favorites among our distribution partners and technicians who count on quality parts to exceed customer expectations.


Centric Parts offers the most comprehensive brake and chassis program in
the industry, supplying both OEMs and the aftermarket a full range of standard
grade, premium grade, fleet, medium duty, performance and dedicated racing
components and systems for virtually every light and medium duty vehicle built
from 1937 through 2015.

With the most comprehensive brake & chassis coverage, the widest product
selection and full program expertise, it’s easy to see why more technicians and
parts outlets put their trust in the professionals at Centric Parts.


Service after the sale is an essential part of Centric’s success in the automotive aftermarket. Centric Parts takes extraordinary pride in its award-winning sales support team and knowledgeable technical support department. Centric is here to help with product specifications, sales support materials, technical training or installation and troubleshooting tips. 

Online help is also available at centricparts.com. With just a few mouse clicks, users can find product images and illustrations, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, the industry’s most comprehensive brake terminology Glossary, a collection of Technical White Papers, Service Bulletins and more. From Lab to Lift, Centric supports our customers.

From Lab to Lift, Centric Parts Delivers



Proven – In-house research and engineering team, most extensive lab and field testing, Tier 1 OEM supplier

Quality – OE style design, premium materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes

Comprehensive – Complete range of standard, premium, fleet, medium duty, performance and racing components and systems for virtually every 1937 through 2015 vehicle on the road

Support - Award-winning catalogs, customer service, technical support and extensive online help at centricparts.com

Our strict standards and attention to detail have made Centric Parts and its products consistent award winners – and clear favorites among our distribution partners and technicians who count on quality parts that exceed customer expectations.


Video Campaign 

With advances in friction compounds, rotor designs and automotive systems, braking technology is an ever evolving market full of misunderstanding and misinformation. In an effort to educate installers, Centric Parts offers a series of three advertisements that addresses the major components of brake systems; pads, rotors and calipers. These advertisements showcase Centric’s engineering, technical and manufacturing expertise to inform it’s target audience.

QR code technology is used to link the reader to online videos that expand on the initial printed message and from the videos, viewers are then directed to the Centric Parts website.
The Centric Parts advertising series is not simply a marketing campaign but a truly educational experience encompassing print and digital media. 

Clicking on the images below will open full screen versions of each Centric advertisement. Videos will open in a new browser window.


Brake Pads
Brake friction is the most rapidly evolving segment of automotive braking systems. Advancements in friction compound and materials development make choosing the appropriate pad challenging. This advertisement explains abrasive versus adherent friction compounds and how they affect braking performance. The first video of this series introduces Centric’s testing facility including multiple brake dynamometers and in-house manufacturing abilities. This establishes Centric Parts’ engineering, technical and manufacturing expertise.


Brake Rotors
In the second advertisement Centric addresses the subject of brake rotors. While often overlooked, the subtle details contained in brake rotor design are essential to optimizing brake system performance. In this ad, Centric addresses the warped rotor myth, rotor design and correct metallurgy. These details  put Centric Premium Brake Rotors in a class of their own. The linked rotor video introduces Centric’s engineering department including advanced coordinate measuring machines (CMM), Brinnel hardness tester and computer aided design (CAD) software.


Brake Calipers
The final installment of the Centric educational campaign features remanufactured calipers. Details such as new pistons, new hardware and application specific brake pads set the Centric Caliper program apart. The Centric caliper video walks the viewer through the entire process of caliper remanufacturing from initial inspection to assembly and final testing, further establishing Centric’s manufacturing capabilities.


Centric Parts videos are as entertaining as they are educational. Preventing noise associated with braking is a centerpoint of Centric's efforts in brake component development, making them rock is up to the Centric creative team.


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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric Fleet Performance brake pads are specially formulated for use in high temperature and repeated stop situations.

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