CENTRIC PREMIUM BLACK ROTORS feature Original Equipment specifications and production processes and are manufactured to meet QS and ISO Quality System Standards. COMPETITOR "PREMIUM" ROTORS are not manufactured to the same quality or feature the same finishes as Centric Premium brake rotors.

Centric Premium brake rotors are double disc ground to a maximum spec of Ra=1.6 micro-meters (63 micro-inches). Typical spec is actually much lower. Double disc grinding ensures parallelism and reduces noise related issues. Correct friction surface preparation during manufacturing promotes pad and rotor bed-in increasing stopping power and reliability.


Competitor “Premium” brake rotor sample is finished to a spec of Ra= 1.883 micro-meters (74 micro-inches)This roughness of the rotor surface creates the potential for noise related issues. Poorly finished rotor friction surfaces prevent proper pad and rotor bed-in, greatly reducing stopping power and reliability.


Centric Premium brake rotors feature O.E. style symmetric cooling vanes and maintain O.E. vane structure and count. Symmetric vanes dissipate heat more efficiently than side cast rotor designs providing more reliable stopping performance. High quality resin core castings help to reduce rotor balance issues and eliminate brake system vibrations.


Side cast brake rotors do not dissipate heat as effectively as symmetric split core castings causing reduced braking power due to heat retention. Competitor “Premium” brake rotors do not match O.E. vane count or structure limiting brake performance and safety. Lesser quality oil sand castings can cause rotor balance issues leading to brake system vibrations.


Centric Premium brake rotors utilize an Electrocoating finish that provides long lasting corrosion protection. E-coating is a superior electro-statically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt spray exposure without rusting. 


Black painted finishes do not offer the same corrosion resistance as Centric E-Coated brake rotors. Painted finishes are easily removed with brake cleaner and provide minimal protection from the elements.



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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


StopTech High Performance and Racing Brake Fluid
Centric Parts now offers high performance and racing brake fluid under the StopTech name. Available in STR600 street formulation and STR660 race form, StopTech brake fluid is engineered to perform.


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