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The same meticulous attention to detail that established Centric Parts as the authority in replacement brake system component development is now carried through to steering and suspension systems.

As the industry leader in OE application research, cataloging systems, engineering and product validation Centric Parts sets the standard in the automotive aftermarket.


Vehicle Specific Designs

Application Specific Materials and Finishes

Fixed & Positive Seal Dust Boots

OE Style Threads & Hardware


Centric Premium Chassis Testing and Validation


Innovation Through Superior Design
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Ball joints and tie rod ends are critical to vehicle ride dynamics and steering performance. The extreme forces placed on these components requires that they are replaced when worn or damaged to avoid failure and potential safety issues. Determining the correct part to restore original vehicle performance is essential; vehicle type and primary use should always be considered when choosing replacement parts.


Low Friction Polymer Bearing Designs

• Matches today’s OE Designs

• Reduced internal friction restores OE feel and performance

• Sealed design maximizes service life and is environmentally


• Tighter tolerances on ball stud surface finish

• Corrosion and chemical resistant

• More precise steering response and eliminates “memory


Metal-on-Metal Designs

• Technology found on early model passenger vehicles

• Increased durability for high GVW and fleet applications

• When used to replace OE polymer, increased internal friction

  can diminish original feel

• Requires regular inspection and lubrication with specialized


• Rough ball stud surface can cause premature wear, end play

  and additional component wear

• Susceptible to environmental intrusion and corrosion


What is Polymer?
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Centric Parts Premium Chassis components utilize a thermoplastic polymer material Polyoxymethylene (POM) in low friction bearing designs*. Centric engineers have developed enhanced polymer formulations for use in vehicle specific applications.  


• Excellent dimensional stability 

• High resistance to deformation under load 

• High abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction

• Widespread use in OEM applications



Centric Premium Control Arms

ControlArms 3

Damaged or bent control arms can effect vehicle ride dynamics, handling and alignment. Centric premium control arms are engineered to restore original performance and include ball joints and bushings where applicable. 


• Application specific stamped, forged or cast OE designs

• Corrosion resistant finishes extend service life

• Pre-installed premium ball joints and bushings ensure full

  restoration of OE performance and feel*

• OE style mounting hardware ensures ease of installation

Premium Ball Joints and Bushings 

Included and Installed* 

E-Coated or OE Style Finishes 

Premium Bushings 


OE Design and Materials 

• Restores Original Performance

• Reduced Installation Time

• Maximum Corrosion Resistance and Extended Service Life

• Improved Resistance to Extreme Environmental Conditions

• Noise Free Operation

• Complete Restoration of Original Performance

• Guaranteed Fit and Function



Centric Premium Ball Joints
Premium BallJoint

Ball joints are critical to correct steering dynamics and ride performance of a vehicle. As the main connection point between the steering knuckle and vehicle suspension system, worn ball joints can cause noise, tire wear and handling issues.


• Application specific low friction polymer or metal-to-metal


• Cold forged and precision machined ball studs

• OE style corrosion resistant finishes

• OE design Polychloroprene boot materials increase service


• Positive seal and steel ring reinforced boots


Cold-Formed Heat Treated Stud 


 One-Piece Forged Housing 

Positive Seal Polychloroprene Boot 


Polymer Bearing Design 


• Superior Strength and Durability

• Full Ball - Larger Wear Surface

• Exceptional Strength and Durability

• Permanently Attached or Double Ring Retention

• Maximum resistance to environmental conditions

• Increased Service Life

• Smoother Steering - Reduced Friction and Fatigue



Centric Premium Tie Rods

Centric premium tie rods are precision engineered to restore original steering characteristics. OE style polymer bearings provide smooth, responsive vehicle control and reduce friction and fatigue 


• Application specific low friction polymer or metal-to-metal


• Forged steel body construction for increased tensile strength

• Engineered for improved ball retention and lateral stability

• Cold-formed heat treated studs for improved strength 

• Application specific designs restore original steering



Cold-Formed Heat Treated Stud 


One-Piece Forged Housing 


Positive Seal Boot 

Polymer Bearing Design 

• Superior Strength and Durability

• Full Ball - Larger Wear Surface

• Superior Impact Resistance

• OE Style or E-Coated Finishes Prevent Corrosion

• Prevents Contamination and Premature Failure

• Increased Service Life

• Reduced Friction and Fatigue



Centric Premium Stabilizer Bar Links
Links 5

Centric Premium Stabilizer Bar Links help restore original ride quality and handling by reestablishing correct stabilizer bar integration into the suspension system restoring original vehicle dynamics and handling.


• Application specific low friction polymer or metal-to-metal


• Corrosion resistant OE style finishes extend service life

• Locking spacers ensure correct installation tolerances

• Positive seal dust boots prevent environmental


• OE style mounting hardware included for complete



Application Specific Designs 


OE Style Threads and Hardware 

Positive Seal Boot 

Application Specific Bearing Type 

 • Guaranteed Fit and Function

• Maximizes Vehicle Performance

• Ensures Proper Torque Values Can be Achieved

• Permanently Attached or Double Ring Retention

• Restores Original Performance

• Improved Vehicle Response and Handling



Centric Premium Idler and Pitman Arms
        Pitman 2

Restore original steering system geometry by installing Centric Premium idler and pitman arms. Precision engineered and machined to match original specifications, eliminating lateral motion for increased stability and feel.


• Application specific low friction polymer or metal-to-metal


• Precision broached splines guarantee exacting fit

• Positive seal dust boots prevent contamination

• Polymer bearings provide smooth steering

• Heat treated brackets resist severe shock loads


One-Piece Bearing Design 


Precision Broached Splines 

Positive Seal Boot 

Polymer Bearing Design 

• Increased Lateral Stability

• Extended Service Life

• Guaranteed Fit and Performance

• Prevents Contamination, Purge-able

• Improved Return to Center Characteristics

• Reduced Friction and Fatigue Promotes Smoother Steering



Centric Premium Suspension Bushings
Bushings 2

Centric Parts Premium Suspension bushings are manufactured using advanced synthetic compounds that resist extreme environmental conditions and heat; restoring vehicle handling to original specifications. 


• Advanced synthetics match OE specifications and materials

• Application specific designs guarantee correct fit and


• Restores vehicle handling dynamics and responsiveness

• Corrosion resistant finishes extend service life

• Eliminates loose steering feel and helps restore vehicle


Advanced Synthetic Polymers 


Improved Designs 

Plated or OE Style Finishes 

Application Specific OE Designs 

• Superior Resistance to Environmental Conditions

• Extended Service Life

• Eliminate Installation Issues

• Maximum Corrosion Resistance

• Guaranteed Fit and Function

• Restores Original Ride and Feel





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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric Fleet Performance brake pads are specially formulated for use in high temperature and repeated stop situations.

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