•Widest Range of wheel hubs & bearings in the market.
•100% O.E. Quality Components
•Exacting Fit and Function
•Complete cataloging, featuring the latest applications and covering from 1940 to 2017.

•Full range of Automotive & Light Truck wheel hubs and bearings.
•High Quality Replacement Components

•Complete Range of Automotive & Light Truck Wheel & Axle Seals.
•Application Specific Materials such as Polyacrylate or Teflon where required


Critical Installation Information for all applications that use Self-locking Axle Nuts.

Per O.E. service information, self-locking axle nuts require replacement to assure accurate torque values and bearing pre-loads. Utilizing a calibrated torque wrench, follow manufacturer recommended installation procedures and torque specifications. 


Warranty is VOID without proof of purchase of replacement Non-Reusable Axle Nuts.



Información critica sobre la instalación para todas las aplicaciones que utilizan tuercas de auto-bloqueo en el eje


Por normas de seguridad del fabricante de Equipo Original (O.E), las tuercas de auto-bloqueo del eje requieren el reemplazo total para asegurar el torque preciso, a la vez para tener la pre-carga y torque adecuados. Utilizando una llave dinamométrica, siga los procedimientos de instalación y especificaciones de torque recomendados por el fabricante.


La Garantía será nula sin el comprobante valido de compra de las tuercas de eje No-Reutilizables.



Renseignements d’installation essentiels pour toutes les applications utilisant des écrous d’essieu autobloquants.


Selon les renseignements d’entretien de l’équipement d’origine, les écrous d’essieu autobloquants doivent être remplacés pour assurer des valeurs exactes du couple de serrage et de précharge des roulements. À l’aide d’une clé dynamométrique, suivre la procédure d’installation et les spécifications de couple de serrage recommandés par le fabriquant.


La garantie est NULLE sans la preuve d’achat d’écrous d’essieu de remplacement non réutilisables.





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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


Centric Fleet Performance brake pads are specially formulated for use in high temperature and repeated stop situations.

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Pronto Names Centric Parts its 2017 Supplier of the Year



(Industry, Calif. - Sept. 15, 2017) - Centric Parts, North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components, has once again been named Supplier of the Year by National Pronto Association. The award was presented on Sept. 13 at the National Pronto Shareholders Conference in National Harbor, MD, by Pronto President, Bill Maggs and VP of Sales & Marketing, Robert Roos.

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