StopTech Big Brake Kits deliver championship-winning performance with original equipment quality. Every Balanced Big Brake Kit is designed and engineered to provide optimal braking performance for each specific vehicle application. In early 2013, StopTech earned full ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System certification for the design and manufacture of automotive brake systems and components, allowing the company to supply OEM vehicle assembly plants directly in a Tier 1 relationship. 
StopTech Manufacturing
StopTech's Southern California facility houses our engineering and manufacturing departments. 
Over 75,000 square feet of production space is dedicated to StopTech brake systems and Power Slot performance replacement rotors.
StopTech Big Brake Kits are engineered to optimize braking performance for each vehicle application. Component and kit designs are produced in Solidworks, and FEA studies are completed in Solidworks Simulation.
StopTech's engineering team utilizes advanced data acquisition tools to measure and inspect components.
Computer controlled CMM machines inspect components for dimensional accuracy.
Advanced optical inspection processes ensure each component meets stringent quality control requirements.
StopTech has invested in three Link Engineering brake dynos to perform in-house testing of our brake components and systems. No other aftermarket brake company conducts as much testing.
Big brake kit calipers, pads and rotors are dyno tested to determine their performance characteristics under different operating conditions. Test parameters may include repeated stops from 160mph, or extended driving cycles to measure wear life.
Our first Link 3900 brake dyno is used primarily to test passenger and light truck applications. As delivered from the factory its air handling system provided 150mph of airflow. Modifications made by StopTech increased the air velocity limit to 210mph. Dyno #1 can simulate gross vehicle weights (GVW) of up to 12,000 pounds.
Our second Link 3900 dyno is used primarily for full-size truck testing including drum brakes, armored vehicles, and for parking brake testing. Dyno #2 has also been configured to reach a maximum air velocity of 210mph and can simulate GVWs of up to 24,000 pounds.
Sensors monitor brake rotor temperatures throughout the testing process.
Temperature sensors embedded in the inner and outer brake pad provide real-time temperature data during the testing process.
In addition to our in-house testing capabilities, StopTech performs extensive on-vehicle testing.

On-vehicle FMVSS testing is performed using the Link 3801 Data Acquisition System.  For quick setup and changeovers, especially during racetrack testing, we also employ the VBOX 20SL3 GPS Datalogger featuring simultaneous 3-axis measuring.

StopTech Caliper Production
Each StopTech brake caliper starts its life as a forged aluminum blank. Each brake caliper is then finished using the mproduction processes and machines.
Using specially engineered production jigs piston bores and mating surfaces are CNC machined.
After all bores and mating surfaces are finished. StopTech calipers are finish machined. For the Trophy caliper the weight is reduced  up to 20% and the engraved logo added.
All inlets and fluid ports are finished machined and threads cut.
These Trophy calipers have completed their machining process and are ready for final finishing and anodizing
After final inspection and approval, caliper bodies are hard anodized. This finish is specially designed to handle extreme temperatures associated with hard braking situations.
Finished caliper bodies have pistons, pressure seals, dust boots and abutment plates installed
Once all the components are installed, the two caliper halves are mated together and sent for pressure testing and final inspection.
Each StopTech caliper is pressure tested to over 2700psi. This step ensures proper operation of the caliper under the most demanding conditions.
After passing QC and pressure testing, each StopTech caliper is boxed and labeled for shipping.
StopTech Rotor Production
StopTech's Southern California production facility utilizes the most technically advanced machines and equipment to produce the company's patented AeroRotors.
Engineered and developed to be the most efficient rotors for heat dissipation, StopTech AeroRotors are cast, machined and assembled completely in the United States.
Raw castings are supplied by an American foundry that has been carefully chosen to provide the proprietary alloy blanks. Routine inspections by Quality Control guarantee consistent and reliable quality.
Blanks are first cut to the proper dimensions for their particular application. Every StopTech brake component is specifically engineered for a particular vehicle application, guaranteeing a properly balanced brake system.
Skilled operators machine the rotors...
...and test for accuracy at each step of the process.
Precision test instruments are used to ensure that every rotor is true to spec.
After the primary dimensions have been set, the rotors are fed into a 3-axis mill with special workholding and in-machine dimensional gaging to drill and slot the drive features.
Each of the individual cutting tools performs a specific task.
The proper drive pin holes and inner diameter scalloping are cut to assure the correct annulus and AeroHat mounting points.
Once again, the machinists carefully inspect and measure the processed rotors.
When the proper diameters, drive pin holes and annulus have been verified, the rotors are sent to the balancer.
Here the AeroRotors are accurately balanced with computer controlled edge cuts.
Proper balancing of the AeroRotors ensures a vibration free driving experience. This step is important because the higher the vehicle speed, the higher the forces will be that are created by any appreciable imbalance left in the rotor.
The final step in the production process uses a high speed pin imprinter to etch identification information into the outer edge of the AeroRotor, but only after it has passed the balancer audit of the correction it just made.
The finished AeroRotor passes through one final inspection before being sent to assembly to be mated to the appropriate AeroHat or sold as a replacement part in the aftermarket.
StopTech AeroHats
StopTech's patented AeroHats are manufactured from Alcoa aluminum alloy bar stock, pre-aged for optimal tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
AeroRotor hats are CNC machined for each vehicle application.
Aircraft grade hardware is used to mate AeroHats and Rotors. The specially engineered drive pins have been developed to handle the stresses of heat cycling and repeated stops.
Split cast AeroRotor rings and hats are assembled and sent for final inspection.
Each AeroRotor recieves a visual inspection and is checked for run-out. This process ensures proper alignment of the rotor components and eliminates vibration and feedback after vehicle installation.
StopTech Caliper Brackets
Application specific caliper brackets are machined from premium billet aluminum.
After machining each bracket is inspected before being sent for anodizing.

StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
StopTech stainless steel brake lines consist of a Teflon®-like inner hose supported by a layer of woven stainless steel braid that is wrapped in a clear PVC plastic coating. Each application specific hose is engineered and manufactured to provide optimum performance.
Finished Big Brake Kits
Following final QC inspection, each StopTech Big Brake Kit is boxed and ready for shipping.
StopTech's attention to detail, advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques result in superior quality brake systems and components. This makes StopTech the only choice for championship winning race teams.


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Centric Fleet Performance brake pads are specially formulated for use in high temperature and repeated stop situations.

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