BRAKE SYSTEMS TECHNICAL GUIDES                        
Centric-StopTech - Friction Lab
Centric-StopTech - Dynamometer Capabilities
5 Tips to Prevent Brake Install Come-Backs
Common Causes of Brake Judder
2000-2011 Ford Focus Drum Installation

Caliper Core Return Guidelines
Installation Instructions-Hubs that utilize self-locking axle nuts

Rotor Rubbing Backing Plate

Brake Line Flare Nut Instructions

How to Bleed Brakes
StopTech Slotted Sport Rotor Installation Direction
Brake Fluid 1A
Brake Fluid Basics
Brake Proportioning Valves
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Diagnosis of Low Pedal
F150 2WD Rotor/Hub Retrofit Kit
07-08 GM Truck Brake Pedal
88-89 Chev Truck
Bleeder on Top
Brake Caliper Installation Tips
Brake Dragging
Brake Rotor Installation Tips
Piston Knock Back
2011 Glossary of Braking Terms
Glosario de términos sobre frenos de Centric Parts    
CTB001 Jeep Release Problems
CTB002 Ford/Merc Aluminum Bearing Retainer Wear Problems
CTB003 Release Bearing Replacement
CTB004 Avoid Engine Sensor Damage
CTB005 Critical Release Bearing/Fork
CTB006 Chev/GMC/Dodge Truck Release Problems
CTB007 12inch Clutch Upgrade
CTB008 Preventing Squeaks
CTB009 Squeals When Cold
CTB010 Hard Pedal
CTB011 Installation of Release Bearing and Sleeve
CTB012 Hard Pedal/Destroyed Clutch
CTB013 Clutch Chatter Caused by Improper Driveshaft Angle
CTB014 No Release
CTB015 Growling Noise
CTB016 Solid Flywheel Option
CTB017 Premature Clutch Wear
CTB018 Clutch Slippage
CTB019 Clutch Installation Procedure
CTB020 Internal Slave Cylinders
CTB021 Repair for Worn Bearing Retainer
CTB022 Saab Installation Tool
CTB023 Bolt Holes in Clutches Designed for Multiple Applications
CTB024 No Release
CTB025 Hard Pedal Concerns
CTB026 No Release
CTB027 Replace Slave Cylinder to Eliminate Hard Pedal/Release Problems
CTB028 Release Bearing Installation
CTB029 Solid Flywheel Option
CTB030 Centric Flywheel Must Be Installed
CTB031 Diagnosing Slippage and Chatter
CTB032 Flywheels Require Balance Weights
CTB033 Squeaking Noise
CTB034 Important Installation Information
CTB035 Abrupt Engagement on Heavy-Duty Discs
CTB036 Solid Flywheel Option
CTB037 Do Not Lubricate
CTB038 Remove Dowel Pins Prior to Installation
CTB039 How to Bleed Slave Cylinders Without Bleed Screws
CTB040 Flywheel-to-Disc Interference
CTB041 Release Bearing Installation Procedure
CTB042 13inch Flywheel Upgrade for Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels
CTB043 Concentric Slave Cylinder Design Change
CTB044 Hard Shifting
CTB045 Noise and Premature Clutch Wear
CTB046 Nissan Clutch Bleeding Procedure
CTB047 Bleeding Hydraulic Systems with no Bleeder Valves
CTB048 88-89 GM Clutch Master
CTB235 Subaru Guide Tube Repair Sleeve


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Centric Parts does not sell directly to consumers. To ensure you are getting genuine Centric replacement brake parts please review the Consumer Pre-Purchase Checklist .


StopTech brake pads deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide range of driving conditions.

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Centric Parts Promotes Don Bales to Corporate Logistics Manager


(Industry, Calif. - June 22, 2017) - Centric Parts, North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of O.E. and aftermarket brake and chassis components, announced today the promotion of Don Bales to the newly created position of Corporate Logistics Manager. In this position, Don will report to Centric Parts VP of Operations, Sal Bora, and will be responsible for negotiating, developing, managing and communicating the corporate FCL/LCL logistics requirements as well as LTL and FTL traffic requirements for Centric Parts, Qualis and StopTech.

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